Metrowest Strata Management Division: Full Services

Metrowest Building Services Limited is a licensed brokerage with its Strata Management Division specializing in the strata management business. At Metrowest, a licensed professional is hired by the strata management company and is then designated to be a strata manager for a particular strata corporation.

A strata manager together with his/her team, such as the accounting and administration support staff, makes it easier for the strata council to operate a strata corporation or section. The strata manager can handle paperwork, prepare for meetings, take minutes, hire qualified services and much more. Metrowest Strata Management Division offers a wide and full range of services, including, but not limited as follows: ​

1. attending strata council meetings
2. preparing the minutes of all meetings, including strata council meetings, and distributing the minutes to owners;
3. preparing annual budgets and financial statements;
4 . collecting strata fees and other money owed to the strata corporation;
5 . paying strata corporation bills;
6 . securing adequate insurance for the strata corporation;
7 . keeping and permitting access to strata corporation records;
8 . preparing documents on behalf of the strata corporation such as “Form B: Information Certificates” and “Form F: Certificates of Payment”;
9 . entering into contracts and arranging services for the strata corporation such as: landscaping, insurance, electrical services, maintenance, etc.;
10 . hiring and supervising employees hired by the strata corporation; and
11 . providing emergency contact and services.