Lawyer/Notary Request for Form F/B for Transfer or Conveyance

    This form is for lawyers/notaries only (All prices are in Canadian dollars). * indicates required field.

    If you are an Realtor, please select the appropriate request form(s) from the main document request page.

    Application can be processed only upon receipt of this completed form. Applications submitted after 2:00 p.m. will be considered to be received on the next business day. All forms will be available by 3:00 p.m. on the requested delivery date.

    Refunds and cancellations are not permitted.

    Request For Information

    2. Forms Requested

    Form BForm F

    Strata / Building / Unit Information

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    5. Requested By Date

    Your documents will be available in 7 days. If you require them earlier, an additional fee for rush service will apply as follows (fees are in Canadian dollars and exclude all applicable taxes):

    Same Day Service :additional $300.00

    Next Business Day (after 2pm) :additional $150.00

    Next 2 Business Days : additional $125.00

    Next 3-4 Business Days :additional $100.00

    6. Method of Delivery

    Documents can be emailed to you or picked up from our Receptionist located at 315 - 515 W. Pender Street, Vancouver, BC V6B 6H5